Ils sont venus s’installer en Alsace, leur relocation a été un franc succès, ils et elles partagent leurs impressions.


"From the very beginning, you have been an anchor. You made our transition smooth and easy and you have always gone above and beyond to make sure everything in our lives here was taken care of.You are not only efficient, but you have that special ingredient of kindness and thoughtfulness. Merci for everything."

- Martha and Bruce -

"Une prestation tout simplement exceptionnelle ! SCOT fait partie des rares entreprises au professionnalisme total, où travaillent des personnes passionnées pour qui le seul leitmotiv est la satisfaction du client. Je me suis remis entre leurs mains en toute confiance pour ma recherche de logement sur Strasbourg, 6 mois ont passé, je suis entièrement satisfait de l'appartement que je loue. En plus, SCOT est en mesure de répondre à toute question d'ordre pratique."

- Benjamin -

"When we arrived in Strasbourg moving from Mexico with two little children, we originally thought to arrange the things ourselves. After a very frustrating week, without any decent visit to see apartments, with only negative replies from schools, with problems to find the correct information for all the steps to take to settle down, we found the service from SCOT and everything changed. Within a week we saw excellent houses and apartments of which we chose one, our children were in the application process for the perfect school for us, even though we were late for inscriptions, my wife had her visa problem solved and we had already met different people thanks to SCOT, with which we could share experiences. Some of them even became our friends. The service we received from SCOT was to settle us down, with the full meaning of the word, from administrative matter to the psychological well-being. Thank you very much."

- Rolf -

"Thanks to Scot our relocation to Strasbourg went very smoothly. Given their good preparation work we only needed one physical appointment to find the place we were looking for. Ever since we met Francoise for the first time she supported us. Thanks to her huge network she helped us feeling comfortable and home within just a couple of months. Thank you Scot, thank you Francoise for your absolute great support!"

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S.C.O.T. membre des syndicats professionnels de la mobilité


S.C.O.T. Expert en Relocation et spécialiste de la mobilité géographique professionnelle des personnes en Alsace et à Strasbourg, aide les entreprises à gérer la mobilité de leurs collaborateurs.

Les services offerts par S.C.O.T. sont les suivants :
Présentation de la région Alsace, Haut-Rhin, Bas-Rhin, Strasbourg, Colmar, Mulhouse, recherche de logements, Démarches administratives liées au logement, à l'obtention de permis de travail, à l'installation, à la scolarisation des enfants, etc.